Not Under The Law: Paul and the Truth | New book by Kent and Jodi Smith


The magnificence of our Creator is beyond our capacity to imagine.  If we question His wisdom, it’s time to check our sanity, because He’s really smart!
Get ready to experience the unity of the scriptures like never before!
Excellent new resource for sharing with those still caught in the deception of the ages!

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Check this new book out and you will be encouraged and shown how Paul does NOT teach that the Law was done away with as so many try to say.

Jan McFarland:

I feel this book accurately explains those sections of Scripture that can be confusing or appear that Paul is teaching that the ‘law’ is done away with. It puts those hard to be understood passages of Paul into context. “Not Under the Law” helped with my own understanding and also gives me concise answers for friends who are coming into Torah. All those, “What about this verse…” questions are easy to answer now because of this book. Paul did not preach or teach lawlessness. He did not and would not contradict the Word and this book shows why. It is a good reference to share with others!