Prime Time Light of the Southwest Bundle

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Did you know that activities labeled by the Bible as “abominations” are being practiced in traditional “Christian” churches? Are we being told the truth about the things we are encouraged to participate in? Join Richard Rives, author of the book TOO LONG IN THE SUN along with Jim Gaylor and Jeff Welter, hosts of the Prime Time Christian Broadcasting television show, “Light of the Southwest.”

This thought provoking 2 hour television documentary will inform you of shocking truths which are not being proclaimed in the pulpits of most “churches” today. Find out how, through the perversion of God’s commandments, the “Love of the LORD” is being transferred to our adversary. “Sin is the transgression of the law.” “The wages of sin is death.” Our eternal life is at stake! This video will expose the false teachers and deceivers who attempt to persuade that the laws of God are now void and of no value.

A POWERFUL EXPOSE of the deceptive influence of pagan sun worship upon modern day “Christianity” DVD Length: 2 Hours


Order now and we will send you 10 copies of this powerful DVD for only 107.70 plus shipping in the US only.


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