The Faith of the Saints Evangelism Program is an excellent tool for getting the Hath God Said DVDs in the hands of those you would like to share this information with but who are not necessarily interested. Our program highlights are as follows:

Sign up for at least 25.00 per month for a year and receive 1 of these DVDs each month. If you need more copies per month, just let us know, and we can send you up to 10 copies per month as a member of the program.

If you can commit to more than $25 per month, it helps as we send out to different seminaries, pastors, as we are led and this helps us cover the cost.

Many are helping in this endeavor and for that we are truly grateful.

We will automatically deduct the amount you choose to help us with each month from your Credit Card. You just tell us what day you wish it to come out.

To sign up, please call 931-293-4745

DVD Showcase-2014-11-30-


To sign up, please call 931-293-4745